This charter describes what the Committee believes must be done to END homelessness in Victoria. As a group, we believe that we can’t end homelessness without ending poverty.

We reject the piecemeal, charity driven model that has created a poverty industry in our society that keeps people down, poor and in need.

 Our charter is founded on a framework of human rights, where:

  •  Everyone is entitled to a guaranteed annual income that is sufficient to pay market rates for basic shelter, food and clothing.
  • Those of us with mental health and addictions are treated compassionately through our health care system, and not as criminals through the justice system.
  • The Canadian tax system is solely responsible for redistributing wealth among Canadians.
  • The myriad of inefficient and ineffective government agencies that keep the poverty industry flourishing by doling out insufficient subsidies to people based on need and disability, and giving grants to charities to do good deeds in their stead – are dismantled – because they are no longer needed.

To read the charter, click this link:

Charter for Action on Poverty and Homelessness – January 2012


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